Overall What is Fresh Start Ministries

To teach new life perspectives and purpose, equip people with new life skills, and develop the understanding of an eternal new life.

Our Beliefs

We want to serve this community. We want to model the servant-hood of Jesus and to teach servant hood.

We want to be a community of believers in Jesus Christ. That serve to draw others into His community

We align with the Nazarene Core Values of being Christian, Holiness, and Missional.

  • Christian: Followers of Jesus Christ, Holiness
  • Holiness: Christlike disciples of Jesus
  • Missional: Going out into our world impacting it for Jesus

We want to teach new life perspectives and purpose that is giving a hand up and not just a hand out. Helping people live transformed lives through new skills, new perspectives, new purpose.

Who This Ministry is Aimed to Help

Everyone! For all fall short of the glory of God. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and did so in various ways, at Fresh Start we want to equip people in all areas of life to help them grow in person and in community and in faith.

Don and Sandy’s Testimony

After years of living life on our terms and I might say, not doing it well, we met a man named Jesus, and things began to change. That is an understatement, he transformed us by using ordinary people to show us a better way of life. We were headed in the direction of destruction before Jesus came into our lives, He literally saved our marriage and our family. God then showed us our purpose and our passions. We became involved in our local church, Marshall Church of the Nazarene, and worked with our youth as well as leading small groups. Then God kept calling us to more, and this is where things really began to change. We moved our family to Colorado and began ministry preparation at Nazarene Bible College, I was a pig farmer, mind you, and now I am preparing to become a pastor, and now for the last 20 years we have been living the life of Christ as leaders n His church. We have learned many things over the years and one is that we believe the church is changing, not its message but its methods, and this is one of the reasons for Fresh Start Ministries, we see the Church as much more than people gathering to worship. We see the church and this ministry as a way of helping people have and live a transformed life. This means that our purpose is to help others improve their lives, mind, body and soul. Our ministries have touched people in many ways, during our time in Colorado, we spent six years working with the homeless population and learned a great deal about how we all can use a hand up at times and this is one of the things that drives our ministry. We love God and we love others, and we are continuing to learn how to best love those God loves, by loving them through helping them find and live the transforming power of God through Jesus and his church.

Ministry Partners

Volunteers and Teachers

Thanks to those who gave

  • Wray Church of the Nazarene
  • Marshall Church of the Nazarene
  • Tower Community Church, Aurora, CO
  • KC District Church of the Nazarene
  • Betty Mueller
  • Grayson Edwards
  • All others who gave

Volunteers Make a Difference

  • Jo Ellen- Worship
  • Tom – Outreach and anywhere needed
  • Carl – Construction/equipping
  • Mary and Leslie – The use of their facility
  • Zach and Stephanie – website, marketing and teaching